I have conducted projects for more than 200 clients on all continents. My clients work in all industries and in companies of all sizes. 

  • Republik: Co-Founder of the Media company that puts its readers center stage.
  • Project R: President of the Cooperative that wants to contribute to the evolution of journalism for citizens.
  • Emmi IT Services: Introducing kanban in the whole organisation
  • ClassYcal Network: bringing classical music to new audiences
  • Berlin Public Transport: Development of new business fields
  • DEZA (SDC, Swiss Development Agency): Communication consulting
  • Save the Children (Non Government Agency): Innovation in Fundraising
  • Sven Schwannberger (Lute player and tenor): Communication
  • Helsana (Health Care Provider): Innovation process, kanban
  • Schweizer Jugend Forscht (Swiss Youth in Science): Head Coach Talent Forum
  • Maurice Steger (World renowned recorder soloist): Communication
  • Bundesamt für Kultur (Swiss Culture Department): Coaching in Communication
  • cinfo.com: Social Media Coaching
  • eurelations.com: Communication trainings for scientists
  • Holcim: introduction of kanban, Innovation projects
  • Credit Suisse London: Kitchen Kanban for IT-Professionals


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Andrea Degen, Eurelations:
«We like to work with Nadja because she quickly grasps what we need. She is reliable and helps us and our clients to reach goals in time. She inspires us with new ideas. Her flexibility, outspokenness, presence and the ability to motivate others are just a few of her unique features. To work with Nadja is enriching!»


etienneEtienne Abelin, Musician and founder of the network «ClassYcal»
«Nadja brings innovation spirit and know how, two things the world of classical music sorely needs. To work with here is plain fun, and very inspiring!»

Tanja Coletti

Tanja Coletti, Communication Expert at Holcim
«Since I use kanban, a method that I learned from Nadja, I am much better organised and do not forget things anymore. Our team also enjoyed working with Nadja and we were able to greatly improve our collaboration and internal communication»

Stefan HorisbergerStefan, Horisberger, Director of «Swiss Youth in Science»
«Nadja Schnetzler has the unique gift to activate people from the most diverse backgrounds and to make sure they excel. She does this in a very sympathetic, challenging and also demanding way. A great combination of skills!»