Inspiration, ideas and implemented innovation: That is my passion. How can something become better, different, new? How can I stay inspired and inspire others?

As co-founder of BrainStore, the world’s first idea factory, I have helped over 200 companies to innovate in over 600 projects on five continents.

I will accompany your innovation initiatives, plan and conduct workshops and help you go through the stages of change in order to implement your ideas.

I know what it takes to innovate, what structures, collaboration and communication tools are needed and what different companies need in order to setup an innovation process. My book «The Idea Machine» is still one of the most important publications for innovators in companies.

The idea machine is a method that I have co-created and improved over 24 years at BrainStore. I still use it today, because it is the most helpful and logical thinking process for me when it comes to innovation. I operate as an independent BrainStore partner. Get in touch to talk about innovation.